Things to Consider while You Migrate from OpenCart Ecommerce to Magento 2 Ecommerce

4 years ago
opencart to Magento Migration

Choosing the best ecommerce platform for your online store is highly important and at some point of time in your business growth, your existing platform may no longer be a great fit for your online business and you are soon going to realize that you need a better solution.

If you are using OpenCart for your existing Ecommerce platform and you want to switch to any other platform, then Magento 2 can of course be a great option for you.

Here in this blog, we will guide you through the entire process of OpenCart to Magento migration, what to do to set up for the new Magento 2 store and how to ensure no data loss which also means no business disruption.

Backup and restore:

The first step that you need to consider before migrating from OpenCart to Magento is to take a backup of their entire store.

Since one of the most devastating event is that while migrating to a new online store there can be loss of data and anything can happen during the migration process and this can happen even in the hands of experts.

So it’s a good idea to take a backup of everything. Though the steps are simple, but it needs vigilance while downloading the updated backups of the store’s database to your computer.

Consider best SEO practices:

Although OpenCart development is considered as an SEO friendly platform but it still has some drawbacks. One of its limitations is SEO features which restrict the user’s capacity in order to make certain important SEO modifications.

Although there are numerous extension which can help you perform the tasks on Magento, it is still a big journey for OpenCart to keep pace with the endless possibilities that Magento 2 has got to offer like the title, images and also the URL optimizations.

In particular when it is all about Magento 2’s SEO  capabilities in metadata, you can easily set the meta titles, descriptions, keywords for the products, CMS pages keywords and categories. You can take advantage of the mass settings of the products.

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Consider the features:

There is a sharp difference between both the platforms when it comes to available features. Since OpenCart core software is lightweight, it comes as no surprise that there is a giant list of features which are absent.

So, while switching to Magento 2 you can shift thousands of products, tons of traffic and also a big number of sales.

Magento 2 development is also backed up by the most extensive feature lists which you could ever find and there are approximately 350 of them by default and in case of Magento 2 it has the most extensive feature lists that you can easily find.

OpenCart doesn’t support transcriptions of the URL and it is also less mobile friendly and does not support API integration.

Security features:

When it comes to security Magento 2 leaves OpenCart miles behind.  And this is not to say that OpenCart has a bad security system but when compared to Magento 2, OpenCart has less advanced features regarding security.

Magento 2 is equipped with a new Signifyd fraud protection tool which helps to resolve the issues quickly and without high costing. Even the manual transactions are processed through the AI tools and it also supports the users with a comprehensive password management and this helps to prevent the cross site scripting and local file intervention.

So, we have discussed some of the most crucial points that you need to consider during opencart to Magento 2 migration and following them would actually make the process less risky and less time consuming.

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