Know How a Well-Crafted Plan can Boost your SharePoint performance

4 years ago
Know How a Well-Crafted Plan can Boost your SharePoint performance

SharePoint is a widely accepted enterprise solution that helps to manage the files and documents with staffs spread across various locations. But handling a SharePoint application can be difficult at times. It is very important to ensure that the intranet application offers the best performance and speed so that users can access the needed information within no time and get the best out of the application. By investing more time and planning to design SharePoint pages, you can actually get rid of the performance issues one and for all.

Know the Factors that Influence the Performance of Data:

To understand the performance of SharePoint Online, you have to understand the factors that influence it. The page load speed, round trips needed per page and the issues with the service are some of the most important factors. Other elements that results in performance degradations are some of the most significant broad metrics that determine the performance of the data.

The performance issues are related to three main connection categories between the server and the user and this will give you a better insight into the load times. The 3 connection categories are server, network and the browser. Some other causes for slow pages also include large files, multiple quests to the server, navigation issues and the content roll up which causes about 90% of the slow pages in SharePoint online.

How Proper Planning can help to Enhance SharePoint Performance:

A properly defined governance plan for SharePoint intranet development helps to focus primarily on organizational collaboration with the set of policies, processes, roles and their responsibilities.  Each organization has a unique set of goals that can influence the approach and often an organization finds themselves in a puzzled state in creating, maintaining and implementing the governance policies on a long term to attain the maximum user adoption and also improve the overall organizational efficiency.

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So while deploying a new SharePoint environment or while considering SharePoint migration, governance plan must be developed and practices so that the organization can take the maximum benefit of the application and at the same time increase the user adoption. To attain the desired results, the first thing that you need to have is a Governance team usually termed as the governance committee. This should be constructed so as to support the business needs in relation with SharePoint upgradation and Migration. The Governance team should consist of the key members from major teams and departments to attain a smooth migration flow.

Once you have created the committee, the next step is to go ahead in an evaluation of information architecture in coordination with the business requirements. The team can help to evaluate the SharePoint architecture and the logical storage for all teams and contribute to the workflow and establish boundaries, limits and thresholds as per the needs of the organization. The governance plan also includes a section that defines the dos and don’ts based on the permissions and roles that are within the organization.

Once the architecture is designed and established, the next step is to describe the various entities of governance plan like the User Agreement, general guidelines, security management, multilingual policies, backup schedules, communication and training plan. Another most important aspect is also to define the policies, roles and processes and responsibilities to create a reporting schedule.  The reports should include insights about the SharePoint environment which helps the top management to identify the needs, usage patterns and other insights.

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