Multisite Management Is Easy with Latest Features from Sitefinity CMS

4 years ago
Sitefinity Multisite Management

As organizations become multi-faceted, the websites that they own also offer diversified content that target special audiences and regions. Today, it is very normal for businesses to own a main website and a few other microsites for newly launched products or for marketing campaigns. Many times mergers and new acquisitions also bring in a new website that needs to be integrated or even modified for uniformity. Though it may be easy to add the number of websites to your list, managing them can be one big uphill task.

Sitefinity CMS is highly popular among online website owners because of its unique features and easy to manage functionalities. Besides, it also ensures that the visitors have a wonderful experience and stay engaged with the site and that everything is highly organized and easily accessible to the right set of people.

Most organizations face a challenge of scaling effectively when they have to control multiple websites. Whether they consider taking a piece by piece approach or allocate the teams to work on each specific site individually, it often drives the cost of hosting and development higher, thereby creating complex infrastructures that often leads to inefficiencies in operations.

How Sitefinity CMS Development Helps in Multisite Management?

Sitefinity is Optimized for Maintenance:

With Sitefinity CMS multisite management, you can now easily create multiple websites hosted within the same application and then share the code base. This helps to speed up the deployment task and also reduces the deployment destinations. Sitefinity MSM offers a single point of deployment and in case of any server or network issues, the administrators can have an application to investigate and also a single area to address instead of multiple interaction points, which at times can be very prone to errors.

Single Point of Upgrades:

Organizations often enjoy rapid upgrade in multisite management setups and with every new version of Sitefinity CMS, you can reduce the time that is invested in upgrading and testing each single site. With Sitefinity MSM, you will be able to keep all the projects on the same version across various organizations and also keep the site updated with the latest features, security and performance improvements.

Efficient Hosting:

The Sitefinity multisite setup offers additional benefits for the hosting requirements. And since the architecture is on top of a single application, it reduces the need for hardware resources for hosting the websites. With more and more sites added, you can benefit from optimization.  Memory and CPU consumption are also highly optimized.

The Ability to Roll Out Sites Quickly:

Sitefinity multisite management offers the organizations a shared ecosystem that allows a rapid process to roll out new sites. With the click of a button, website owners can create new websites that are based on the already existing sites. It is during the process that you can turn specific modules on and off and also configure the varied aspects of the sites that will be based on site specific and shared web content. This helps to reduce hours of work and helps to roll out the sites by removing many redundant infrastructure and configurations or recreate the content setup that exists within the company domain.

Allows the Reuse of Content Between Websites:

Sitefinity allows the organizations to give their team a single interface in order to manage multiple websites, thereby offering a convenient means to manage the content from one location. Organizations can then share the assets across all the sites and also use them to quickly launch any pages or websites without the trouble of establishing new projects and assigning resources. Sitefinity allows granular permissions so that business owners can authorize who can access the site and who cannot, thereby giving them full control of that aspect.

Reuse the Same Look and Feel:

With Sitefinity MSM, website owners can now share the content across various sites with a single click and easily publish events, corporate news and product listing. They can also reuse the content, templates, themes that help to improve employee productivity and also maintain the consistency in the web content. Sitefinity centralizes all the important resources effectively.