OpenCart 4.0 is Finally Here! What’s New in it?

2 years ago
OpenCart 4.0 is Finally Here! What’s New in it

OpenCart is a renowned eCommerce platform that keeps on releasing its latest version at a regular point of time. Every version comes with various enhancements that ultimately improves the operational excellence. Online merchants who have invested in the OpenCart development are advised to maintain a constant pace with the latest versions to enhance their online store.

On 24th May, 2022, the OpenCart launched its latest version, i.e., OpenCart 4.0. It is the most important time for the OpenCart platform. The users must be thrilled to know what improvements have been done in this version. So, let’s take a quick look at them to learn more:

Rename of Admin Directory

This has been done for the security reason. You have to provide a new admin name a new name, and hit on the “Rename” button.

Come Back of CKeditor

With the release of OpenCart 4.0, the CKeditor has returned. This must be a good news for the users who simply hate using the Summer note text editor in the OpenCart 2x and 3x.

Exclusive Extension Folder

OpenCart 4.0 will provide the separate folder “extension” to keep all the third-party extensions. This thing sets it apart from the other versions of this eCommerce platform.

Toggle Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

Now, you don’t have to face difficulty in viewing the checkboxes and radio buttons due to the flashy UI. The store settings have become systematic as compared to the previous versions.


As per the European Union website, it is imperative for the business with EU customers to take GDPR consent from the users.

Variant Product

You will get the option to create a new product variant on the basis of a master product, and include the stock quantities as well.

Cron Jobs

There is no need to include more Cron Jobs commands within the Cron Job Manager. You are required to add only single global command that will be executed after every minute.

To upgrade to the latest version of the OpenCart, it is suggested to look for the reputed OpenCart development company. Being equipped with the experienced developers, you can ensure the smooth and hassle-free upgrade in a timely manner.

In case, if you think that you can do it on your own, then you can download the latest version of the OpenCart from here.