OpenCart to Magento Migration: A Comprehensive Guide

2 years ago
OpenCart and Magento Migration- A Comprehensive Guide

Every online retailer has the ultimate goal of profit-making by improving their eCommerce store performance. At some point of time, when your existing platform does not fulfill your business requirements, it is best to consider making a move at the earliest.

But, choosing the right platform that allows scalability with your business expansion is critical for growth and development. If your current store is running on OpenCart and you want to migrate it Magento, you should find a trusted OpenCart to Magento migration service.

Why Retailers Are Switching from OpenCart to Magento?

Both OpenCart and Magento are open-source platforms that are packed with robust features to set up an outstanding eCommerce store. Having said that there has been a steady rise amongst the online retailers to switch from OpenCart to Magento. Here are the reasons for doing so:

  • Magento offers more customization and flexibility
  • Magento comes with powerful SEO features
  • Magento provides seamless integration with Google Analytics to check customer behavior

With these reasons, it is clearly evident that why online retailers are making this transition for their online stores.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Switch from OpenCart to Magento Platform

To ensure the seamless migration of your OpenCart store to Magento, you need to follow a set of steps to perform everything in a straightforward way.

Here are the essential steps that are involved in OpenCart to Magento migration process:

Data Backup

The first and the foremost step in the migration is maintaining a data backup of your OpenCart store. While migrating to any eCommerce platform, the chances of data loss is higher. Whether you’re performing it manually or using any automation tool, creating a backup of all the data of your previous store is strongly recommended. This will prevent the issue of data loss very well.

Migration of Products

The second step involves transferring products from OpenCart to Magento store. All the information related the quantity of products, color, size, etc., will be migrated. In addition to this, Magento offers the option to customize the URLs. So, you have to switch the product pages’ links from your OpenCart store to maintain your search engine rankings.

Migration of Customer Information

Within the third step, the migration of passwords, contact details, shipping address, and order history will be done. This will make it easy for the existing customer base of your old store.

Migration of Order Information

In the fourth step, the migration of order information related to the customers will be performed. This will make the order fulfillment smooth and hassle-free after the successful platform switch.

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Payment Gateway

Magento comes with various built-in payment gateways that will accelerate the migration process.  This step involves transfer of the configuration details like API payment, secret key, and API sign from your old store to the Magento store.

Design Customization

For keeping the look and feel of your old online store on OpenCart, the designing team will do the customization of your Magento theme that compliments your brand’s identity very well.

Vigorous Testing

Last but not the least, the manual and automated testing of the online store is compulsory after the successful products exporting from OpenCart to Magento platform. With this, you will get your store on the Magento that is ready for acceptiong and processing new orders.

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