How Gamification Strategies can Help in Developing a Successful Educational Mobile App

4 years ago
How Gamification Strategies can Help in Developing a Successful Eeducational Mobile App

With more and more mobile applications coming to the market every day, it is becoming difficult for app developers to survive the tough competition. Nowadays, people get bored very easily and so offering them something that is exciting and challenging can keep them engaged with an app. Whether it is educational apps or any other informative app, it is important to insert some entertainment factor to keep the users hooked to it.

Over the past few years, the means of education have transformed enormously and the teaching methods have become more digital so that learners can continue with their learning process from anywhere and anytime. Mobile phones, social media and gaming are some of the things that have kept them occupied always.

What is Gamification?

It is a means to encourage and increase the involvement of the users in something like a mobile app through integrating game mechanics into it. Since a large number of learners stay on the phone, it is evident that gamification can raise their interest while they learn:

Gamification makes the learning process easier and more captivating and enjoyable.

It adopts the data driven techniques that are used by the designers to engage the players while they learn in educational mobile app development.

What is gamification in learning mobile apps?

You may think that by gamification it means creating some educational games, but that is not true.  It means to make the education and the process interesting by making use of some motivational techniques that makes learning engaging via games. When educational mobile app development is gamified, the students are keen to learn more and more and as a result they excel in knowledge, speed, skills and also intellect. Gamification works very well with learning apps as it helps to leverage the motivation and desires in the learners.

Customised mobile application development helps to offer a variety of digital learning experiences to the students of all ages and educators have found that it stimulates creativity and productivity among the learners.

How Adding Gamification Helps to Influence and Motivate People:

Increases curiosity among learners:  The curiosity helps to motivate the users so that they can move forward and get more rewards.

Creates a sense of control. Since no one likes to be forced to do something, it is important to make them love the things they do. Gamification helps to give the learners control so that they can decide their milestones.

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It encourages healthy competition:  Scoreboards showing up the achievements often encourage the learners and this helps them to accomplish their goals and even compare the results with others.

Gamifications Strategies for Your Mobile App Development:

Gamification can be successful only when you apply a well-planned strategy that is tested. Once the application is made, you cannot make any changes so here is what you need to consider:

Set clear goals: What works for others may not work well for you. So the basic task is to define a good strategy and to define your business objective and also plan the program around gamification. Setting the objectives help you to reach your goals easily.

Know your target audience: It is important to know the age group of your users, their interests and consider them when planning your gaming strategy. You should analyze the consumer behavior regularly and analytics plays a big role in defining your strategy.

User journey: Based on the user’s behavior you can identify what they are looking for and based on that you can design the experience in such a way that the users stay engaged throughout their app journey.

Keep it simple and real: Rewards and achievements like positions, badges, discounts seem more real to the learners and it also adds value to their mobile app experience. So, offer tangible rewards that can be flaunted or used.

Use social platforms: Ask your mobile app development company to integrate the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and etc. into your game.

Gamification is the best approach to keep your learners engaged and offer a wonderful experience while they learn something. But before you start, it’s important to know what gamification is and the advantages that it offers for your app.

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