Sitefinity Multilingual Support Helps Delivering Web Content in the Language Your Viewers Prefer

3 years ago
Sitefinity Multilingual Support Helps Delivering Web Content in the Language Your Viewers Prefer

Business owners always try to create the best piece of content to boost their services and products and generating high quality content has great benefits as it adds value to your business. With Sitefinity CMS development, you can simplify and even automate your content creation process with cognitive AI services. But spreading your business across various cultures needs a lot of effort, but with Sitefinity CMS you can now enjoy multilingual capabilities, which have been one of the key differentiating features.

With Sitefinity, you can easily localize your pages and the content items by creating various language versions as per your requirements. You can also create different language versions for the frontend of your site and as well as the backend.

Here is How Sitefinity Supports Multilingual Features:

Develop Multilingual Content:

Connecting with your global audience in their native language and sharing localized content and other digital assets are easy with Sitefinity as it supports a wide range of languages that include even Arabic that need a right to left format.  Creating multilingual content helps to improve your SEO with localized URLs and metadata and this ensures you that your site is easily discoverable in all the countries that you do business. Sitefinity CMS allows you to easily manage more than 50 languages from a central place without having to sacrifice your website performance.

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Web Content Translation Management:

With Sitefinity you can now easily translate the content from one language to another and also manage all the translation projects from a core or central place and control the process with approval workflows, revision history, versioning per language. The reduced efforts help to save time and also improve the content quality by integration with other third party translation services. You can also export and re import any content from localization instantly by using the XLIFF file format and Sitefinity also allows the editors to copy the content from one language to another to perform a side by side translation.

Mutilingual System Interface:

With Sitefinity development you can now enjoy a multilingual administration user interface which enables the site admins and content authors in regional offices to edit the sites in their native languages. The content authors can now easily publish the content in any language and the user interface is available in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish and etc. Sitefinity CMS interface labels can also be translated into other languages as required.


Sitefinity CMS also offers features that help to identify valuable customer segments, and tailor the messages to shape the individual journeys accordingly and offer them something that is relevant to their needs. This helps to keep them engaged on the site more and ultimately drive more revenues.

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