Tips to Maximize Your OpenCart Multi-Channel Efforts

4 years ago
Tips to Maximize Your OpenCart Multi-Channel Efforts

Ecommerce has gained much popularity nowadays and with the recent covid-19 pandemic, people are considering online shopping even more than before. From big brands like Amazon, Best Buy to Target, everyone is adopting new strategies to engage customer on the store front.  This transition is not an easy task, but adopting ecommerce is the only option if you want to survive in this competitive market.

OpenCart is a popular ecommerce framework that has made it easier for business owners to switch their traditional store to digital. It comes with rich and prominent feature that helps to enhance the functionality of the stores by installing add-ons that completes the needs like upsell and cross sell, newsletter subscription and add more through OpenCart add-ons marketplaces.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how OpenCart development can help in multichannel efforts and boost product visibility:

Follow the SEO Strategy:

It is very important to find the best keywords that can help you to boost your sales. Keywords are the texts that are used to search a product and is entered by the visitors. Most of the search algorithms match them in the Title, description, item tags and then suggest the results accordingly. Therefore, it is by choosing the right keyword and placing them strategically in your content that you can gain more visibility of your products in various channels. Developing a social media strategy, which is based on accurate persona, creating some content that addresses their pain points is highly important.

Creating Awesome Content:

The product description is a section, which is responsible for the sale of your product and you must write all the information, which is essential for a buyer to take an action which is to purchase from your OpenCart development store. Ideally an item description should include all its aspects and when you write the product description for an item, try to answer what the product is, its colour, dimensions, materials, who can purchase and the return policies.

Add Clear Images:

We all know that images speak a thousand words and your OpenCart ecommerce site will be able to speak a lot about the services or products through clear images. Therefore, your main picture should always show the visitors the attribute which appeals to the users the most. Ask your OpenCart development company to create images that are lit and centrally placed with a white background and does not include any accessories that are not part of the product.  The images should also follow safety standards and should not be obscene.

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Use Some Marketing Tools:

Through Google and Facebook, you can achieve your digital marketing targets. Data is the new oil that helps to monetize consumer related data to their purchase behavior. You should not limit yourself to traditional marketing avenues, but use the marketplace oriented native ad platforms.

Offer Some Discounts and Clearance Products on Marketplace:

With every online store having at least two clearance sales, it is these marketplaces that often witnesses the maximum number of visitors. So offering these products on the marketplaces with revised pricing and some discounts will help in promoting your products in various channels.

Offer Some of Your Secondary Products:

If you want to enhance your business presence in various channels, then you can offer your secondary products to the marketplaces. However, this is a great means to drive the audience to your store. Once you begin to offer all your products at the marketplaces then you can see that they will visit your store directly with the reference of the seller name and even come back for more. With secondary products, you can not only sell more, but also acquire new customers as well.

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