Top 5 Features in Sitefinity 13 to Know About

3 years ago
Top 5 Features in Sitefinity 13 to Know About

Sitefinity has recently released the Sitefinity CMS 13.0. We all are keen to know more about the technology and decided to give an overview of the latest features added to the product.

Here are some top features of Sitefinity CMS 13.0:

  1. Reinvented Image Library

The image module was completely revamped, and it now utilizes the user interface. It has retained the majority of its previous functionality, and consists of various new features and improvements like:

  • Viewing all images by date with new timeline view feature.
  • The enhanced search and filtering capabilities will work in all folders and libraries to assist you in finding assets that you need.
  • Choosing suitable image with the help of an improved preview option and bigger thumbnails.
  1. Reinvented Classification Management

Classification module is using the new interface too. Its redesigned version has retained all the existing capabilities that you are already acquainted with. Thanks to the new interface, the users will get a simplified UI for the management of the large number of tagged items. To work with several taxonomies has become easier now because we can do sorting by most or least used as well as filtration of the tags by letters can also be done.

  1. Redesigning Personalization Setup with User Segments

Personalization in Sitefinity CMS development leverage users to segment their audience and deliver a personalized experience to the users based on their matching segment. The latest version has improved and streamlined the dialogs for creating user segments. All characteristics will be grouped in categories within a single drop down.

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  1. Personalization Segments depending on Contact Properties

Another update related to personalization is the added possibility for creating user segments in Sitefinity Progress on the basis of contact properties saved in Sitefinity Insight. This will consist of demographic data (data provided by contacts through forms) and added properties like campaign labels and other contact data that is imported into Sitefinity Insight.

  1. Indication after content getting synced

SiteSync was enabled to provide higher flexibility to the content editors. In its earlier releases, Sitefinity has added new capabilities for the content editors to sync content directly from content edit screen. But, how to ensure that your content has been promoted?

Through this release, Sitefinity has included an additional column of revisions of pages and content items that will show whether a specific page has been promoted or not and to what websites.

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