What is an LMS? How to Select the Right Learning Management System?

2 years ago

Since the inception of LMS, the learning process has enhanced a lot. The employees can acquire the skills that are vital to perform their duties with utmost sincerity. This ensures the growth and success of the organization by driving higher revenue. This is why LMS development is gaining immense popularity these days.

What is LMS?

A learning management system is a software that has been designed to create and deliver educational courses and training programs that are important for the skills enhancement of the employees.

In short, such system provides the foundation to the training needs within organizations, so the employees can work efficiently, and achieve their set targets. Thus, contributing towards the business success to a great extent.

Key Features of LMS

 1. Course Creation
You need to check that your LMS should have course creation module. This will leverage the users to build videos and content that will streamline the learning process.

2. Mobile Learning

Make sure that your LMS should have mobile capabilities. Due to this feature, the learners can enjoy the flexibility in learning, and can learn at their own pace.

3. Gamification

With the help of gamification feature, you can make the course more interactive for the learners, which will ultimately drive higher engagement rate.

4. Video Conferencing

The learners who need extra attention or have difficult set of questions, it would best to have an LMS that offers video conferencing features.

5. Social Learning

By integrating the social learning features in LMS, your learners will have the freedom to raise their queries in a forum setting.

6. Reporting Analytics

By using reporting analytics, the trainers can track the learner’s progress and the course completion rate with ease.

 Tips for Choosing the Right Learning Management System

While choosing any LMS for your organization, there are lots of things that you need to consider to make the right decision. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

Figure Out Your Needs

There are plenty of LMS platforms to choose from online. You need to find out first what you’re actually looking from LMS. Make sure that it will fulfill the needs and objectives of your training needs with an efficacy. Moreover, you need to understand who will be your target demographics.

Outline Your LMS Requirements

Once you will learn about your training goals and objectives, it’s time to understand your LMS requirements. You need to prepare a list of features that you especially wanted in your system. This will provide you a gist of the overall cost of LMS development.

Market Research

When you’ve decided the features and the cost of LMS, it’s time to perform extensive market research on the web. You can ask from your connections which LMS they’re using, and what features they’re liking the most. This will help you in building a system that aligns with your business interests.

Check Out the Vendors

After conducting an in-depth market research, you need to find the potential LMS vendors. You need to check for how long they are present in the market, and who are their customers. Also, you can go through the reviews/testimonials of the clients who are utilizing your shortlisted LMS.

Request for a Free Demo

The LMS testing is an absolute must before finalizing any option. You should ask from the vendors for a free demo. This way you will learn the true potential of the LMS, and decide whether it will be the suitable-fit for your organization or not.