Why Magento for B2B eCommerce?

5 years ago
A Quick Guide to B2B Ecommerce with Magento

There is a great change in the way shoppers purchase things today. A lot of people prefer to choose online shopping and so B2B companies are highly focusing on creating eCommerce stores for a seamless shopping experience. B2B eCommerce has a complex means to carry our business deals as they are rather complicated due to large ordering processes.  To keep the business work seamlessly and smoothly, a strong and well-constructed back-end and front end system is a must.

Did you know that about 93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online? In today’s competitive marketplace, buyers prefer an easy and intuitive online buying and account management experience.

Magento development is considered as a rich platform that is able to cater to B2B eCommerce needs as it allows the store owners to create user segments and offer a customized experience that is specific to individuals or companies related to their behavior, purchase or browsing history.

How Magento can take your B2B eCommerce store to the next level?

Magento development includes the most advanced features for creating online stores, which is perfect for B2B eCommerce. If you are willing to boost your business efficiency and offer a consistent brand experience, then Magento is the best.

Business ready:

Magento platform includes all the features that are needed to manage a B2B eCommerce site effectively. From multiple brand management, key accounts or channel partners, it helps the B2B customers to self-manage their company accounts and also set up multiple tiers of buyers having specific permissions and roles.

It also allows the users to track quotes, manage the credit online, view detailed order histories and reduce the need for support.

Engaging experiences on various devices:

Online shoppers use a variety of mobile devices and so creating an engaging and a mobile optimized experience is essential to increase the sales. Magento empowers the B2B owners to empower their customers to place orders on any device, from any location and at any time.

It also helps to increase the sales with tested merchandising, promotional capabilities that differentiate the brand and manage content effectively.

Smart inventory and order management: 

Magento eCommerce development comes with a wide range of features that help to improve sales and order management from various channels. It offers the customers with real time and accurate inventory and also use automated rules and operations that help to optimize the fulfillment costs and delivery times.

Customized catalogues and pricing options:

With Magento B2B eCommerce features, you can easily personalize your online experience and assign customized catalogues and pricing lists to customers based on their segments. It also helps to prepare targeted content and promote ads to specific segments.

The customized payment options help to maximize sales by supporting payments on account, credit cards and offering various alternative payment methods.

Easy integration and management:

Magento eCommerce platform is also a leader in cloud eCommerce and it delivers a reliable and high performance experience without any heavy investment or maintenance fees.

It is also very easy to integrate with your existing back-end system by using robust APIs and off the shelf extensions that help to boost the speed and time to market.

Quick ordering option:

Magento comes with multiple purchasing options, and this helps the B2B owners to integrate convenient and fast ordering options that leads to increased sales. Magento also allows you to assist your customers by creating orders, tracking the quotes and calculating the discounts.

The order option is very useful for those who know what they want to buy and this helps them to save the browsing time and directly place the order of the items that they need. Magento also features facilities for quick reordering for common purchases and drive the revenue with effortless ordering.