Why Nonprofit Organizations should Consider Developing a Mobile Application

3 years ago
Why Nonprofit Organizations should Consider Developing a Mobile Application

Mobile applications are now a must for all business organizations largely because millions of people are now browsing the apps stores on a daily basis to meet their needs. As organizations move to deploy mobile apps, the potential to transform enterprises far and wide is also becoming obvious. And that is the reason why nonprofit sectors should also join the mobile app bandwagon.

It is based on the research work and analysis that nonprofit sectors often lag behind when it comes to leveraging the power of mobile apps. It is seen that about 70 % of the social media engagement also happens via mobile apps and such apps have become a majority of donors having smartphone prefer using a mobile to make the financial transactions.

How Mobile Application Development can Benefit Nonprofit Organizations:

Access to a Wider Audience Base:

Data from various sources shows that about 90% of the total population own a mobile device and consider mobile messaging as an important communication tool. This states that mobile apps can provide the nonprofit organizations with access to the wider audience and this means that more customers and more funds. Mobile application development work in a similar manner with the search engines and since millions of people browse the app stores on a daily basis, chances are very high that mobile apps are likely to bring in many new users.

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Greater Social Impact:

A survey conducted on 250 nonprofit leaders, beneficiaries and workers form the non-profit sector has proved that by embracing the digital tools, nonprofits are also experiencing efficiency of up to about 91%. Mobile apps can be considered as tools that can help organizations leverage to promote the cause and it is with advanced features like social media integrations like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you can easily load photos, videos and push notifications. Mobile apps can also enhance the engagement and remind people about the non-profit organizations and also its causes.

Mobile Applications help to Easily Raise Money and Boost Transparency:

A survey done has stated that nonprofit organizations that deploy a digital approach is about 28% more likely to increase funding. But for most nonprofits, going digital means hiring expensive IT resources, spending a lot of money or deploying some complex applications. But now you can easily create mobile apps by hiring a professional mobile app development company which makes it much easier and cheaper to compare than hiring a developer to create an app from the scratch.

You can also use no code app development solutions like the iBuildApp. And the best thing is that you can easily start raising the money from the donors as soon as you hit the market with some great features in the app.

Enhanced Data Collection and Reporting:

Mobile apps help the nonprofit organizations to reduce the administrative burden that it faces on the data collection and reporting. Since they have their employees scattered in different regions, Google spreadsheets and Excel sheets can prove beneficial when it comes to collecting the data and reporting. 

The users can also sign up and create an account with all the information and save it within the app and with features like Google Forms, Fan Wall, Contact Forms etc.  the nonprofit organizations can collect more data from the users through the app.

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