A Comprehensive Guide on Magento Ecommerce Platform

2 years ago
A Complete Guide To Magento eCommerce Platform

Building a successful eCommerce store is the dream of every retailer. This is because it provides enough exposure to grow any business speedily. To survive the fierce competition and attain prominence online, you need to opt for the suitable eCommerce platform.

When it comes to the top eCommerce platforms, Magento comes first in our mind. It is a robust, secure, and flexible eCommerce platform used for building fully-functional websites. Being open-source, its source code can be easily accessed and modified by the users. It has been written in PHP programming language.

At present, there are millions of stores that are running on the Magento platform. It is empowering these stores with its rich features and functionality. That’s why Magento website development is in huge demand these days.

In this post, we’ve provided you a complete information about the Magento eCommerce platform. Let’s skim through them to learn more.

Basic Features of Magento Ecommerce Platform

Her are the top features of Magento eCommerce platform:

a) Product Management

b) Inventory Management

c) Order Management

d) Search Technology

e) Multiple Marketing Tools

f) Multiple Payment Methods

g) Analytics & Reporting

h) Customer Service

Different Types of Magento Editions

Magento offers two different editions i.e. Magento Enterprise edition and Magento Community. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Magento Community Edition

It is open-source and comes with basic features such as product categories, user groups, coupons, etc. If you’ve a startup or SME, then this edition will be the right choice.

2. Magento Enterprise edition

This is a paid Magento edition that can be customized to suit the diverse business requirements. If you’re looking for more functions and performance, then you should definitely go with this edition.

Top Advantages of Using Magento Ecommerce Platform

With Magento, you will receive a lot of perks that have been discussed below:

Highly Customizable

Magento offers the great customization options to the retailers. This allows them to design the look of the website as per their business requirements. They can have a website that compliments well with their brand.


Having a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is no longer an option-it has become a necessity to sustain your online ranking. This is because people are heavily using mobile phones and other devices. With Magento platform, you can design a website using its plugins that offers responsiveness across all mobile devices.

Strong Security

Security is the major concern of every eCommerce website owner. This is because the site carries confidential information related to customers and business. If they get leaked, then it can cause serious damage to the business. With Magento platform, you will get advanced security features that will protect your website against cyberattacks.

Built-in SEO Capabilities

SEO plays a vital role in uplifting the ranking of the website. Magento offers advanced SEO capabilities such as search friendly URLs, layered navigation, meta tags, titles and descriptions. This will prove helpful in improving the indexing of the website on search engines, and increase your visibility online.

Improved Speed

Speed matters a lot for any eCommerce business to keep the visitors engaged and convert them into loyal customers. Magento is well-known for its blazing fast performance. Therefore, developing an eCommerce website on this platform can boost up your site’s speed, and lead to a better satisfaction rate.

“To put in simple words, Magento comes with all the capabilities that one would require to set up an effective eCommerce website with reduced efforts. Whether it is about SEO features, faster load time, or mobile responsiveness, you will find everything on this eCommerce platform.

If you’ve plans to build a Magento website, then it would be best to approach a trusted Magento development company. They’ve relevant experience and knowledge to transform your vision into reality.”