Effective Security Tips to Keep Your Magento Ecommerce Store Safe

4 years ago
Effective Security Tips to Keep Your Magento Ecommerce Store Safe

We all know that ecommerce websites are often an attractive target to the hackers as they contain a lot of personal and payment related information that is needed to complete the sales. If the system or the ecommerce site that you are using is not well secured, then you may have to face long term consequences for both the merchants and the customers. The customers might have to face financial loss and even identity theft while the merchants may face reputation damage, loss of business opportunities, threat to lawsuits and etc.

So, if you are planning to develop a web store by using a Magento platform, then you need to worry about the performance, security and also check the speed of your site. Make sure that your Magento site is perfect and works well with your end users and you need to make sure that you have incorporated all the security features for your Magento development website.

List of Important Security Related Tips that You Need to Consider.

Always Use the Latest Version of Magento:

There are many times when you will get some Magento update alerts to update your existing Magento version. And this is because your Magento latest edition has come up with latest security features and many security issues are fixed in the new release. Magento developers usually resolve the previous security issues and it is important to stay alert about the latest Magento makes. The latest version is tested and it is checked based on different online threats.

 Using the Two Factor Authentication:

In today’s digital environment, a secured password is simply not enough to run a website safety. In order to avoid any cyber-attacks, you can ask your Magento development company to add an extra layer of security. The 2 factor authentication offers a great opportunity to boost the admin login security by using a strong password as well as a security code from the phone. You can also use some other third party extensions to enhance your security..

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Set a Custom Path for the Administrator Panel:

You can access your Magento admin panel by going to the my-site.com/admin. Though it is very difficult to get to your Magento login page and attack by you still can prevent this with a customized term, which prevents the hackers from getting into your login page. You can change the Magento admin path by editing the local.xml file in the Magento 1 and the env.php file in the Magento 2 version.

Get a Website Audit Done by Experts:

Most of the merchants are not very much aware of the security measures and so to secure your Magento website, you can take the help of professional website audit experts. So, hire a reliable Magento development service provider and get your site analyzed and identify the security loopholes and shortcomings. They will systematically review your site and will help to take appropriate measure to improve it.

Have a Backup Plan:

If you have an ecommerce site, then it is highly important to have a strict security measure and also have a proper backup plan. This comprises of the backup of your site by storing the files on different off site servers or by arranging the backups via an online service. In case if you have any data loss or system crash, then you can always reload your website.

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