Magento 1 is Coming to an End, it’s Time to Migrate to Magento 2 Now

4 years ago
Magento 2 Migration services

If you have a Magento ecommerce website and its running on Magento 1, then don’t sit back and relax as its time to know that Magento 1 will soon cease its support at the end of June 2020.  As the end of life date approaches, merchants still operating on this should rethink and know about the measures that they need to take to ensure a continuation of the e-store and also a smooth transition from one platform to another.  It is only with the right step and proper planning that you can manage the issue effectively.

The Magento1.x End of Life:

It is in June 2020, that Magento 1.x ecommerce platform will come to the end of its life and Magento will no more offer software support for the platform. This means that ecommerce site owners using Magento 1.x will no more enjoy the technical assistance and there will be no more security patches and therefore, it will no longer be a viable platform.  Many Magento 1 users will now have to devote some additional time to ensure migrate to a better platform and Magento 2 development is better suited to today’s modern multichannel and varied selling environment. the platform offers more effective visibility to online businesses and enables the merchants to focus on their core business objectives.
Why You Need to Migrate?
Risk of data breach will increase:
All Magento 1.x users who will not take a step to migrate to Magento 2 will now become a security target as after June 30 2020, the company will not come up with any security patch for Magento 1 thereby putting at a higher risk of cybercrimes and unauthorized access.

Ecommerce owners will not be compliant with the payment card industry data security standards

The PCI DSS global standard is set according to the card schemes like the Mastercard and the Visa and this will apply to all the merchants that process payments. One requirement is that, ecommerce owners have to implement security patches in order to keep the payment related systems secured and safe.  With respect to the PCI DSS compliance rules, it is stated that failing to migrate off Magento 1 ecommerce website by 30th June 2020 will cause the merchants to fall out of the compliance riles. This is because users will no longer be able to comply with Requirement 6. As the SEM merchants will no longer meet the desired criteria for payment forensic investigation.

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Reasons to migrate to Magento 2:
For ecommerce merchants looking to check the latest version of the Magento platform to migrate, can log into the admin panel and take a look at the footer. Magento 2 migration comes with rich features and here is what you should know:

Magento 2 PWA and customisations:
The DIY opportunities make Magento really unique and Magento 2 developers will have the ability to create a headless website, which means that the platform can be taken as a base and the developers can build the frontend as per their choice. There is also an official tool that simplifies the process, Magento PWA studio which you can use.

Official data migration tool:
The Magento 2 data migration tool is specifically designed to help the users move their products, customer and order data, promotions, store configurations and other entities to Magento2.  But it cannot move customizations and extensions. The Magento 2 data migration tool is official and free to use.

Migrating to Magento 2 can be a big task but the process can be made easy by proper planning and using some migration tools. Before migrating, make sure that you communicate this to your customers and consider making the migration, a quiet business time.