How to Reduce the Size of the Android App?

2 years ago
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With the growing number of features, it’s obvious that the size of the app will increase. It has been done to meet the rising expectations of the modern users. But, they’ll become reluctant if it occupies lots of space in their mobile devices. You need to optimise it in a certain way to encourage more downloads.

To get the best out of the Android app development efforts, you need to ensure that it should take less storage space in the users’ devices. That’s why its become important to reduce Size of the Android App to sustain in the fierce competition online without any hassle.

Before delving deep into the topic, let’s have a look at the reasons why bigger size Android apps still exist in the Google Play Store. Here they are:

  • Increase number of feature set
  • Never ending UX expectations of the modern users
  • Extended support to various screen sizes

All the above reasons are responsible for negatively impacting the memory and storage space as well as the data consumption. This turns of the users’ faster, which clearly indicates the loss of valued customers and sales.

Effective Ways to Reduce Size of the Android App

Here are some useful tips to compress the size of your Android apps efficiently:

Optimise Images

Having large size images within your Android app can increase its size. It impacts the speed and performance in the long run, which can become the reason of failure. That’s why you should the compress the images before uploading them to your app. There are lots of tools available that compresses them without affecting the resolution.

Make Use of Android App Bundle

You should decide between APK and Android App Bundle before rolling out the release version of your Android app. That’s the first and the foremost thing that you should do. We recommend you to give preference to the app bundle option as it allows the generation of APK with the relevant features for the target niche.

Harness the Potential of Proguard

One of the best ways to reduce the size of your Android app is to utilize Proguard. This tool allows the Android app developers to delete the classes and methods that are no longer in use. Apart from that, it makes enumeration conversion into integers, which also decreases the app’s size.

Reutilise the Code

Repetitive code only contributes towards to the increase in size. It would be better to reuse the code rather than the repetition of the code. With the help of Object-Oriented programming language, you can address this problem really well. It will help in maintaining the size of your APK, thus, keeping your app occupy less storage space.

Why Hire Android App Professionals for Your Project?

Choose a reliable Android app development company that are familiar with the tactics of reducing the size of the Android app. This will aid in getting an app that does not takes much space in your mobile devices. Thus, ensuring the success of business in the long haul.