How You can Assess and Improve your Communication Skills with LMS Development

4 years ago
How You can Assess and Improve your Communication Skills with LMS Development

Digital technologies, personalized learning and LMSs are at present the hot topics in the educational sector. With personalized learning gaining momentum because of significant advances in the digital technologies in the past decades, it has opened up new opportunities with the help of customized e-learning environments. E-learning course development can help to personalize learning by encouraging the teaching approaches, which hold the student to a particular center.

Good communication skill is always considered to be highly effective in someone’s professional life. Whether you want to communicate with potential employers or partners or clients, good communication can help to attain your professional goals easily. So to make yourself more competitive, you can improve your speaking skills through online courses developed in Moodle e-learning course development.

Self-Assessment through LMS Programs:

Self-assessment and peer assessment are some strategies that are adopted by various companies to encourage their employees to take more responsibility for the corporate learning process. Though the advantages are not highly obvious, but the process has the potential to assist and empower learning skills, which are important for educators and trainers.

Research aimed to identify the student – teacher attitude regarding the contribution of self-assessment has used both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Tests that were analyzed included the responses to questionnaire, self and peer assessment, comments on assignments and activities and their overall performance. Corporates also noted that they significantly benefitted from various LMS extension development, which helped them to improve the assessment process and enhance the overall performance.

LMS Development Services Encourage Self-Regulated Learning:

Self-regulated learning refers to the idea that students can now take control of their own learning without being guided by an educator constantly. With LMS e-learning programs, recorded audio question type works and with a self-assessment Moodle extension development, students will get the opportunity to rate and also comment on their own activities and assignments.

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Teachers can easily provide some sample oral response, which can help the students to easily solve assignments and projects. Educators can also provide the model answer in the feedback, which students can compare with their own response and find their progress. This will help them to enhance their communication skills by accessing the course from anywhere and anytime.

Once they have recorded their responses, they can give themselves a star rating and also comment on how they did. This is also a great means to foster learner independence and also get the present skills reflected.

Moodle Plugins that Allows to Self-Assess Speaking Skills:

Two new communities contributed to Moodle LMS plugins development, which allows the students to record their spoken responses to quiz and also evaluate their own performance.  The Record Audio is a plugin developed by the UK open university that gives the students the possibility of recording their spoken response and it works great with language courses and is a valuable addition to any subject where a variety of response formats is beneficial.

Another self-assessment question behavior plugin offers the students the opportunity to comment and rate their responses. The teachers can either provide a sample oral response, which the students can follow and compare with their own response regarding the activities or assignments.