Important Things that You Need to Know About Headless Drupal CMS

4 years ago
Important Things that You Need to Know About Headless Drupal CMS

Business organizations are using CMS to have complete control on their website content. And by choosing the right CMS for the website, they can easily create marketing campaigns, present the brand message before the audience and also drive huge traffic. Drupal is a popular CMS that comes with great features and helps the website owners control their content and access it from anywhere. But the biggest challenge that is faced by the marketers is making this content accessible to the users on any device.

It is here that headless Drupal development comes up with an ideal solution for the marketers and this helps the content reach the user irrespective of the device that they are using. Decoupled or headless CMS is gaining high popularity and the core reason is that it allows the users to write content once and access if from any device.

What is Headless Drupal CMS Development?

Drupal is one of the key players in the market and its very extensive features and capabilities has made it a favourite among the marketers. The headless Drupal CMS is the one that offers the users with a different way of interacting with it through an API. The classic headless architecture of Drupal CMS consists of the backend service that provides all the CMS related functionalities and storage while the front end is completely separate. It is referred to as headless or decoupled CMS as it slices the display part of the CMS. It uses APIs to deliver content on any device and the RESTful API which serves as a means of communication channel between the backend, headless CMS and the user’s devices.

How Marketers can Benefit from Headless Drupal CMS?

Drupal CMS development helps to create fast loading sites, which are highly responsive and ensures better user engagement and attain business objectives. And the headless architecture has now contributed to its popularity even more. 

For the marketers and also business owners, a headless CMS offers a flexible and dynamic and highly engaging user experience. With various mobile features coming up every now and then, marketers used to face major issues of making the web content accessible on multiple devices. 

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The headless Drupal functions faster than the normal Drupal and this makes it yet another major reason for its popularity among the marketers. This is because the CMS reflects logic in the front end interface that helps in streamlining the backend functions.

With the headless feature, it is now possible to create only one content, but with multiple presentations. This is the key if market owners are interested in a multi-channel approach.  Having a centralized source of the web content is a great benefit as the marketers can now have a lot of time in editing and managing all the content from a single point.

Customized UIs to Enhance User Experience:

Although it may need some extra work but marketers can now easily customize the UI for different users’ needs and give them exactly what they need and leave the rest. This helps to reduce the time to market and capture the audience base early and quickly.

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