Magento Integration Services

Unique solutions that are tailored to your business needs

Enhance the Performance of Your Magento Solutions with Custom Integrations

If you want to create an ultimate shopping experience, then integrating third party software is important as it helps to add rich functionalities and manage your online store effectively. Magento offers various features that can be leveraged by integrating extensions so as to meet the evolving demands of the industry.
IDS Logic has the technical expertise to offer Magento integration services that can optimise, enhance and deliver positive results for the business and for your customers. We offer a full suite of implementation services and help you to connect platforms for seamless data transfer and more.

Magento ERP Integration

We at IDS Logic, help our clients in Leeds to integrate ERP applications with their e-store to improve their business operation easily. We have strong experience in integrating Magento with various external systems and this improves the operational efficiency by aligning the information from your eCommerce store to the ERP system. This saves the cost and also helps to focus on the task that matters the most for both your business and customers.

Marketing Automation Integration

These tools help to gather information on the leads and convert them into a profile that the CRM tools can use and help the user to manage interactions with those leads. Such integrations help to bridge the gap between the marketing and the sales department thereby allowing better communication. Our Magento integration with marketing tools will help to reach out to most customers during various stages like purchase considerations, brand awareness, retention and advocacy through multiple channels.

Magento OMS Integration

An order management system helps to track the sales, orders and inventory and allows to optimise various processes thereby, saving them time and manpower and also boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction. We offer our OMS integration services to clients in Leeds, Durham and other areas so that the business workflow runs smoothly and works collaboratively together to allow the customers to order the right products for the right price.

Magento PIM Integration

Production information management has become an indispensable part of B2B and B2C commerce. If you are handling large amount of products and need continuous enrichment, then integrating PIM application will help to synchronize with your eCommerce channels, print catalogue and etc. for updated information. Our PIM integration services help you to centralize the flow of your product data in various channels.

Magento Search Integration

If you want to deliver super-fast and relevant search results to your customers, then integrating Magento search extensions can help to combine all the modern approaches to the product search for online stores. Our Magento experts help to integrate 3rd party search systems like advanced Elasticsearch, Hawksearch, Algolia and etc. and help the users to find product precisely and also enjoy additional features like auto completion, typo correction and etc.