Magento vs BigCommerce: Which Ecommerce Platform is Best?

3 years ago
Magento vs BigCommerce Which Ecommerce Platform is Best

Today, there are plethora of eCommerce platforms out there that you can choose to build your online store such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce to name just a few. It becomes quite challenging to opt for the best one that can take your business to heights.

Whatever option you choose, it should fit well with the growing needs of your business, and on top of that, you can afford it easily. To get the best result from your eCommerce development investment, you need to keep this thing in mind.

In this post, we have provided a detailed comparison between the two leading eCommerce platforms i.e. Magento and BigCommerce. So, if you have any plans to work on this platform, it will help you in deciding faster. Let’s take a deeper look at them:

  • Scalability

Every business expands to meet the growing expectations of the customers. To handle the large volume of traffic and sales, you need an eCommerce platform that offers higher level of scalability.

Out of the two options, Magento is a scalable platform that leverages the merchants to increase their products and has a robust product inventory management system. In case of BigCommerce, you have to invest on higher plans if you wanted to expand your eCommerce business.

  • SEO Capabilities

Higher search engine ranking is vital to ensure the success of your eCommerce store. You should choose the platform that offers SEO capabilities.

As compared to BigCommerce, Magento comes with advanced SEO capabilities that lets the merchants create rich meta titles, descriptions, personalized URL, and a lot more which helps in boosting online visibility and search engine rankings.

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  • Hosting

Hosting is the major difference between these two eCommerce platforms. Magento is a self-hosted platform. It can be hosted easily on site, cloud, or via third-party.

BigCommerce is a hosted platform that runs on Google Cloud. This contributes towards a website that loads faster and requires less maintenance throughout.

  • Speed & Performance

Speed is an important parameter that determines the success of your eCommerce store. Since BigCommerce is a hosted platform, it is quite a hassle to customize it freely for speed which is not an effective option to go with.

In case of Magento, you will get high-grade performance for your store. Being a self-hosted platform, you have the flexibility to opt for the server and make required improvements to boost the speed and performance of your store.

If you want higher scalability, speed, SEO capabilities, then you should definitely go with Magento web development to reap effective outcomes in the long run.

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