Empower Your Ecommerce Store With Excellent Magento Features

3 years ago
Empower Your Ecommerce Store With Excellent Magento Features

Choosing the suitable eCommerce platform to develop an online store is not a cakewalk for businesses. With the availability of large number of eCommerce platforms in the market, each offering distinct features and functionality, the decision becomes difficult.

Magento needs no introduction. Over the past few years, it has become the most popular eCommerce platform all over the world. The prime reason behind this success is its out-of-the-box features that it is packed with. Presently, there are more than 250, 000 merchants that are utilizing Magento as their eCommerce platform.

Reasons for the Rising Popularity of Magento

The presence of built-in SEO features provides Magento an upper-edge over other eCommerce platforms. With this open-source platform, you will get enough tools and technologies that are requisite for the smooth and faster website development.

Only a few eCommerce platforms allow website owners to edit, update, and publish the content, and Magento is amongst them. Overall, it provides an easy site management. Furthermore, Magento also provides mobile-friendly features that makes the Magento custom development simpler in accordance with the mobile users’ needs.

Top Features of Magento Ecommerce Platform

Magento offers almost every feature that are important to set up an attractive eCommerce website. That’s the reason why there has been a rise in the demand of the Magento web development company amongst the eCommerce sector. To get a better understanding about those features, read the points discussed below:

  • Catalog Management

One of the most important aspects of running an online store successfully is the capability to maintain the catalog, no matter what the size of your business is. Magento offers a range of catalog management features that are extremely useful for this purpose. It provides support to simple, bundled, grouped, and configurable products.

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  • Order Management

Order Management ensures online stores to operate efficiently and keep the customer satisfaction rate always high. With proper order management, the stores ensure convenient, fast, and cost-efficient delivery to their customers. It comes with different processes for shipping, order management, refunds, and order status.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Building an eCommerce website is the first step towards making a consistent sales performance. There are many strategies that are helpful in driving traffic on the website, but the most effective and result-driven strategy is SEO. Magento platform is SEO-friendly and makes your site optimized for search engines by creating Google sitemaps, search engine friendly URLs, automatic generation of popular search terms, etc.

  • Easy Checkout Process

A lengthy and complex checkout process is the main reason for the higher cart abandonment rate. With Magento, you will enable your customers to order multiple products simultaneously and directs toward the checkout page. The best part about this is that they don’t have to pay separately for each product purchase while checkout.

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