Top Magento B2B Features for Your Ecommerce Store Success

3 years ago
Top Magento B2B Features for Your Ecommerce Store Success

Magento is counted amongst the leading eCommerce development platforms worldwide. Many big-sized B2B websites are built on it as it comes with advanced feature set and functionalities necessary to process bulk and complex orders seamlessly.

According to the research, it has been found that Magento doubles the business growth as compared to other eCommerce platforms. It would be best for the B2B business to choose Magento eCommerce development for building their websites.

Essential Magento B2B Features that You Should Know

Choosing Magento platform alone will not ensure the success of your business. It is equally important to understand its B2B features in a detailed way. Let’s run a glance at them:

UX Optimization

There is no doubt that an enhanced user experience is critical for the growth and success of your B2B business. If your site doesn’t offer smooth user experience, it can annoy your customers. They take no time to move to some better alternatives, which means loss of sales.

Magento provides a range of extensions that will provide a better user experience to the customers. This helps in winning the attention of your customers, and helps in their retention as well.

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Incentives on Product Reviews

Nowadays, the customers check online reviews first before making any purchase. The same thing is done by the B2B customers as well. Adding customer reviews on your website make it appear more reliable to the visitors.

To make your customers leave a review on your website is a challenging task. You can incentivize this process which will encourage them to submit their reviews. For that, you can send them coupon codes, so they can shop their favorite products at a discounted price.

Magento comes with incentive extension that you can install in your website. It leverages the customers to send their product reviews automatically after their product purchase. Using this feature ensures higher conversion rate for your B2B business.

Boosts Product & Service Order Management

Introducing changes in the order and shipping method is a tedious process. Magento comes with edit order extensions that comes with advanced editing features that will simplify the entire process. You can perform editing efficiently, which helps in enhancing the admin workflows.

To take your B2B eCommerce website to the next level, you need the assistance of a reputed Magento development company. They have the expertise and resources to build a fully-functional Magento website for your business.

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