Why You Need A Shopify Development Company For Your Shopify Store

2 years ago
Shopify Development

Are you planning a new Shopify store for your online business? You’re on the right track! Shopify is truly one of the world’s best ecommerce platforms. Almost every business (old and new) is contemplating Shopify because of its user-friendliness, tons of available features, and ease of setup. But often, jumping onto Shopify and staying there on your own can be tougher than you imagined! Here's a quick guide to help you understand why you need a Shopify development company for your Shopify store.

As arguably one of the world’s most-loved ecommerce platforms, Shopify is taking the world by storm. With the ecommerce industry going big, it becomes non-negotiable for businesses to create an online presence. However, it can be quite a puzzle to choose the right Shopify development company.

Business owners need to be extremely careful while making this decision, as things can go from simple to complex in a jiffy.

The first thing you might be asking yourself is – do I even need a Shopify ecommerce development company? Can’t I just set up Shopify on my own? You surely can, but here’s the deal. Shopify-certified companies have deep expertise in Shopify development. They offer all kinds of services including design, development, branding, integrations, customisations and much more. Hiring a seasoned Shopify development company comes with its perks.

What a Professional Shopify Development Company Brings to the Table

Although Shopify has made it super simple for businesses to create online stores from scratch, managing the store can be quite a different ball game. Here’s why you should consider finding a  Ecommerce development company for your business.

  • Shopify development companies have a better understanding of ecommerce platforms. They have an in-depth knowledge of the Shopify platform and know the tricks of the trade. They can help your business with the latest updates, functionalities, and customisations. In short, they can propel your business to the next level.
  • Shopify development companies can make your online business more responsive during heavy traffic. They can drastically improve your online store’s performance with their technical know-how. What you might take days to fix, they can fix in minutes!
  • A trusted Shopify development company offers you a great team. Their team not only includes Shopify experts but also project managers and account managers who can ensure better workflow and timely completion of projects. If you’re running on a deadline, hiring a Ecommerce development company can add serious value to your business.
  • An experienced Shopify development company can help you stand out in the crowd. They can help you design your store to make it look attractive. They can also add unique features and functionalities that help you be noticed even in an ocean of ecommerce stores. Last but not the least, they can empower your brand with great branding.

If you’re serious about your business and want to take it places, finding the right ecommerce development company is strongly recommended. If you already have your business on an existing ecommerce platform and wish to migrate to Shopify or Shopify Plus, the right development company can handle the migration process in an extremely smooth and seamless way.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter if you already have an ecommerce store or are looking to start on Shopify from scratch, a Shopify development company will add value every step of the way.

Now let’s dive a little deeper and discover how else a Shopify expert company can help your business in real-world scenarios.

More Benefits of a Shopify Development Company

If you’re wondering if you should hire a freelancer instead of a Shopify ecommerce development company, think again. There’s a good reason Shopify development companies exist. Here’s how they can go the extra mile for your business. 

Quality of Services

The league of services offered by Ecommerce development companies are always the best in the market. They consciously work towards increased client satisfaction and fulfilment. At the end of the day, it’s all about the experience, right? Hiring a development company ensures you can focus on your business while you leave all your Shopify-related worries to them.

Your Customer’s User Experience

Customer user experience is key to driving sales on your Shopify store. With a great experience, you can reach your business milestones faster. Your Shopify development company understands good user experience design practices and helps you design a store that generates more revenue.

Constant Updates and Improvements

Development companies can help you remain constantly updated in the fast-paced world of technology where new updates are announced every other day. With so many updates, it can get challenging for business owners to keep track of all of them. However, it’s a Shopify development company’s job to always stay updated with Shopify’s latest releases and announcements. Their dedicated teams are always on their toes to recommend what’s best for your business.

Quick Resolutions

If you ever happen to face any technical issues on Shopify, your Shopify development company can jump right in and save the day. When it comes to a Shopify store, downtime means loss of business. Hence, every second of downtime matters. Shopify development companies work with many in-house technical experts who have extensive experience in fixing the most complex issues within the least possible time. Most importantly, you can count on them.

Saving Time and Money

Hiring a Shopify development company can save you a lot of time. And time is money! Offloading Shopify to the experts can leave you time to focus on your business activities instead of carrying the burdens of a thousand technical and development issues. The satisfaction of having a Shopify technical partner by your side round the clock is invaluable.

These were some of the perks of signing up with a Ecommerce development company. Now, let’s explore what qualities the Shopify development company must have so that it becomes easier for you to decide on one.

Qualities of a Great Shopify Development Company

So, now you know why you need a fantastic Shopify ecommerce development company after all. But how would you go about picking the right Shopify expert agency for your business? There are countless of them in the market, and it gets extremely challenging for busy entrepreneurs to spend days, or even months, finding the right fit. Here are a few points that can help you decide at lightning speed.

Incredible Technical Skills

The first quality your Shopify ecommerce development company must have are unparalleled technical skills. They must be able to perform any kind of customisations, integrations, and migrations. They should be able to solve any issue, doesn’t matter how complex! They need to use version control, have extensive knowledge of Shopify’s API, and immense understanding of PHP & JavaScript.

Trusted Ecommerce Track Record

The ideal development company must have extensive ecommerce experience and should ideally have already worked with reputed brands for many years. Only choose development companies with more than 10 years of experience and a proven track record of excellence. One way to figure this out is to check if their clients have had long-term relationships with them.

Knowledge of Other Ecommerce Platforms

If your Shopify development company has expertise in other ecommerce platforms, it’s a huge bonus. Knowledge of other platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and many more makes platform-to-platform migrations easier. If you’re migrating to Shopify from an existing ecommerce platform, this point should be one of your main considerations before you decide on your Shopify development company.

Seamless Project Delivery

Does your Shopify development company only have technology experts, or do they also have competent project managers and account managers? This is very crucial for any business as experienced managers can bring to life a great project delivery experience. Imagine not having to chase up your development company for every little thing you need!

Round-The-Clock Support

What if you face a Shopify issue in the middle of the night? You need to find a  ecommerce development company that provides your business with 24/7 support. After the creation of a new Shopify store, many problems could arise. Let’s face it — to run a proper Shopify store, you need constant support. Look for a development company that supports you even long after the online store has been created.


Finding the right Shopify development company could be one of the most crucial deciding factors for your online ecommerce business. Take the time to evaluate your choices carefully before identifying the development company that understands your business needs and delivers value in the long run.


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