How Magento is Ahead of Competitors in Terms of SEO-Friendliness?

3 years ago
How Magento is Ahead of Competitors-in-Terms of SEO Friendliness

Ecommerce industry has shown a major traction in the market. More and more people are buying products online, which has significantly increased the revenue generation of the retailers. Therefore, it would be best to build an eCommerce website to boost your business growth.

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is vital to create eCommerce websites. There are plenty of options available online, and out of them, Magento is the excellent choice that you should consider for your purpose. It is highly popular with a huge share in the market.

Apart from that, it has an upper edge over the competitors in terms of SEO-friendliness. It comes with in-built SEO features that are helpful in improving the indexing of your website on search engine. By investing in Magento development, you will get fruitful outcomes.

In this post, we’ve discussed the top SEO-friendly features that come with Magento platform. Let’s take a look at them:

Magento Page Optimization Based on Category

Within Magento website, there are many products that are displayed in the different categories. This makes it easy for the customers to find their desired products. It leads to the efficient page category optimization. You have to create the canonical URLs in a proper manner and check for the duplication after it.

Sitemap Improvement

Magento has some default XML sitemaps that have been improved a lot. A sitemap carries a list of URLs that search engines utilize for crawling. Having a well-designed XML sitemap makes it simple for the search engines to find your website faster. This will aid in enhancing the visibility of your business online.

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Integrating Content Pages

As per the SEO perspective, the number and quality links are of utmost importance. But, the link quality will rely on the platform that you’re utilizing. With Magento platform, sharing engaging content is not a hassle. This helps in getting effective backlinks for your website.

Creation of Independent Page Titles

Page Titles are the text that you see on the top of the browser. It needs to be impressive, so it can immediately grab the attention of the visitors. Magento allows you to create independent page titles for every page of your website.

If you’ve decided to choose the Magento platform for building your website, you should reach out to the leading Magento development company. They will offer valuable assistance in setting up an effective website in the fastest possible time.

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