How to Build Sitefinity Optimization Strategy with Personalization & Attribution?

2 years ago
How to Build Sitefinity Optimization Strategy with Personalization Attribution

Sitefinity is an excellent CMS that comes with a host of features which helps in the content management very well. Many businesses have invested in Sitefinity CMS development because of its remarkable content management capabilities.

If you too have invested in building a Sitefinity website, then you must want to get maximum conversion. This can be only achieved when you focus on building an effective optimization strategy for your Sitefinity website.

In this post, we’ll discuss on how you can build optimization strategy with personalization and attribution. Let’s take a quick look at them:


There are numerous interactions that takes place on a daily basis within any brand. A customer journey consists of numerous interactions that occurs on various stages. Be it online or offline, all are responsible for converting your prospects into loyal customers. Therefore, interactions play a major role in compelling your visitors to convert.


The basic purpose for creating touchpoints is optimizing and deterring conversions. You can consider those interactions as touchpoints that have consumed much time. Make sure the touchpoint you create should be evaluated for its performance very well. So, you can measure the success of your set parameters.

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This has been utilized as a framework for judging which touchpoints are responsible for conversion. With attribution, there are plenty of models that provides the attribution value to every touchpoint. There is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing the most effective model. Every model serves distinct purpose, and factors like average purchasing time or conversion type will make the one model different from each other.


Personalization has to be done by considering the business outcomes into mind. Your customer segment has to be targeted and conversion has to be optimized by creating a personalization tactic. For this purpose, the important components are the user segment, CTA, and the placement.

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Hire Sitefinity Development Professionals for Building Effective Conversion Optimization Strategy

To get the best results from your conversion optimization strategy, you need to ensure that it is crafted from the professionals. They know all the ins and outs of this content management system, and render suitable suggestions.

If you are looking for the Sitefinity development company to set up your website, it is recommended to research online for the same. You will get plenty of good options online to suit your purpose properly.