The Benefits if Using Single Sign On with Sitefinity Websites

3 years ago
The Benefits if Using Single Sign On with Sitefinity Websites

Security is one of the prime concerns of all websites and Sitefinity websites are no exceptions. You must have read about the importance of strong passwords that can help to secure your sites. And to maintain this we have to write down dozens of passwords for each website that we use and at times it becomes difficult to remember the passwords and it is also not safe to write it somewhere.

So, a common task in the web development and architecture is to set up a Single Sign On. With Single sign on you can solve the problem of remembering multiple passwords for different sites. With Sitefinity CMS development, Single sign on feature can be used and this centralized access control mechanism is responsible to translate the information about who the user is and whether the person is authorized to access the resource or not. The system understands and translates the secured token that identifies the user.

Here in this Blog, let’s Discuss the Benefits of Using SSO with Sitefinity Websites:

SSO is a holistic and a single point of contact to authentication and access and the users are allowed to access a suite of applications via the single password and login irrespective of the platform, domain and the technology used. With a single sign on, the users will need only one key set to access all the separate business websites or multiple applications.

Increased Employee and IT Productivity:

With a single point of access, you can save much of your time and resources as the users will have only one password and they won’t need much assistance. Since with one password, the users don’t have to hop between multiple login URLS, it can save a lot of your crucial time. Employees can now use their login credentials from any device and any browser without risking the security.

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Improves the Security Capabilities:

Another misconception that we mostly have about SSO is that it can weaken the security of the site. The argument is based on the fact that if the password is stolen, then all the related Sitefinity development websites can easily be accessed. Though this is true, but SSO can actually reduce the risk of password theft if it is maintained a bit. Since a highly strong password is chosen to maintain the websites, hackers cannot guess or even try to create the combinations of it.

Helps to Increase the Software Adoption Rate:

It is observed that many times your employees don’t prefer to use a specific software just because they find the sigh up process very painful. Technology should always make our lives faster and not cause frustration. Making the sign up and the login easier for your Sitefinity CMS development with SSO helps to increase the change of adopting the technology, using the app and return to it for more. SSO helps you to increase the software adoption rates and maintain the latest industry authentication technology.

Streamline the User Experience:

When SSO is used with Sitefinity CMS, it adds one of the most valuable benefits, which is user experience. With repeated logins no more, customers can enjoy a modern digital experience and this increase the customer loyalty and also increase the conversion rates.

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