Tips to Reduce Your Magento Ecommerce Cart Abandonment Rate

3 years ago
Tips to Reduce Your Magento Ecommerce Cart Abandonment Rate

Ecommerce has developed drastically in the past few years and with the lockdown situation now, people are now moving to online stores to shop for their daily needs.  The shopping behavior of customers has drastically changed and if we compare the store revenues and customers, then it is increasing exponentially every year. This is a huge win for the ecommerce store owners, but all these store owners become a cry baby when it is about shopping cart abandonment done by the customers at the last moment.

Magento ecommerce development is a top platform that is used by online business owners to create their site. And we have analyzed and researched that Magento website owners too face this issue of shopping cart abandonment if they don’t follow some specific rules. If you ask any Magento development company, then they can guide you and suggest on how you can improve on it.

So, here we have discussed some of the best options that can help you to get the maximum benefit from your online Magento site without losing any opportunities.

Set a one-step checkout process:

Convenience is the keyword of generating higher sales and so your checkout process should be a simple process that anyone can deal with. Since customers don’t like to wait for long, an extra-long checkout process can have a negative impact on your business. So, try to avoid filling long forms and follow the steps when it comes to hitting the BUY button.

Set automated abandonment cart emails:

If your customer gets preoccupied with things like phone calls or get busy with their work and forget to complete the shipping process, then send automated reminders about the products, which will help them to complete the store checkout process. You can also personalize the email and encourage them and give assurance of your products or services on which they can easily rely on.

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Why not offer a free shipping?

Most people abandon the cart when they find that they are charged extra for buying the products. But with the Free shipping tag, they can easily proceed further and take a purchase decision without any dilemma in their mind. Offering free shipping is a proven marketing tactic or you can set up a reasonable shipping charge which your customers can easily pay.

Don’t make it compulsory to create an account:

Another most irritating thing for the visitors is to create an account before they can purchase any product from the site. Since the customers are always in a hurry and want to purchase the products in no time, if they have to share a lot of information, the chances of purchasing the product goes down. In order to reduce this cart abandonment rate of your Magento ecommerce development site, you can indicate some steps or even display a cart progress bar at the top or accept any guest orders without having to create an account.

Lure them with surprising discounts and offers:

Who doesn’t want anything for free and getting discounts on products makes it feel good when it is offered unexpectedly. So, if there is any festive season or seasonal sale going on, offer the product at the lowest possible price to make your customers feel special and keep them returning for more and more.

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