How Sitefinity Being a Headless CMS can Benefit Your Business

4 years ago
How Sitefinity Being a Headless CMS can Benefit Your Business

A CMS is the most important tool for a business organization that helps to manage its digital presence. But now the conversation is taking a shift. The focus is now on presenting the content is a user friendly and simple way, but it is all about presenting data anytime and anywhere. The headless CMS is gaining popularity among businesses and with it, gone is the “viewing” part of your CMS. In its place you will now find a flexible API that can publish data, be it a blog post, a customer profile or anything that you want.

Sitefinity is a popular CMS that was developed with headless practices since its inception. It has been recognized for its immense flexibility and capabilities to integrate with multiple technologies.

What is a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is the one that decouples the content management from the front-end architecture, which is needed to build a website as a CMS. Instead of focusing on the backend, it uses the RESTful APIs to display anything on the device.

It is because Sitefinity development offers robust APIs and RESTful end points out of the box, website owners can easily deliver the content to any device. And this makes Sitefinity a headless CMS.

The traditional Sitefinity CMS has the designers, editors and the authors who add content through the CMS’s admin panel. The content was saved in the database and it is used in the pages after they are approved for publishing by the admin user. And then they are visible for the end users as front end pages.

But when Sitefinity developers in the UK use it as a headless CMS, then the workflow is like, the editors, authors and designers create content through the Admin panel that is saved in the database. From an external application, an Angular app, OData with API calls are used and these calls return JSON objects that are used in the framework. The end users do not access the Sitefnity CMS, but the application that uses these endpoints.

Benefits of Using Headless Sitefinity:

If you are looking for a Headless CMS, then you will love to use Sitefinity.

Reduced Time to Market:

One core reason why companies decide to use Sitefinity is to reduce the time to market, which can be achieved by using Sitefinity as a headless CMS as the presentation layer is decoupled from Sitefinity.  Decoupling helps to potentially deter the technical debt to an extent and the content delivery application will not be affected even when Sitefinity CMS is upgraded.

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Content Creation:

It is by using headless Sitefinity that you can enjoy modern and user friendly content creation and management capabilities that various organizations all over the globe are already using. It is by leveraging the benefits of headless CMS that content authors can now create content for multiple channels without any additional work.

Improved Customer Journey:

Another challenge that most organizations face with headless implementation is the inability to optimize and track the various customer touchpoints. But with Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud integrated with the headless experience, you can now easily analyze, track and receive cognitive based recommendations to enhance the customer journey on every device.

Content as a Service:

Content as a service is also known as headless in the cloud and it offers smooth Sitefinity deployment. With complete support from Amazon and Azure cloud options, organizations can easily adopt the headless strategy on any private or public cloud with very less effort or advanced work.