How Ucommerce Integration with Sitefinity Offers Better Digital Customer Experience

4 years ago
How Ucommerce Integration with Sitefinity Offers Better Digital Customer Experience

The ecommerce landscape is continually changing and customers are now demanding more and more engaging and content rich shopping experience and so brands are searching for newer methods to accommodate the trend. Both informed and engaged customers are loyal and profitable who want the right content in the right context and also at the right time. If your business is not able to meet their needs, you are sure to leave revenue behind.

Ucommerce for Sitefinity is an enhanced commerce experience and it combines Sitefinity’s mature and enterprise class CMS with a fully integrated platform that can be tailored easily. With Ucommerce, you will now get a powerful .NET based commerce platform that integrates seamlessly with Sitefinity giving you the ability to create powerful ecommerce solutions in your CMS.

Ecommerce has now become crucial for every business and creating business solutions on a shaky ground may make it collapse sooner or later. The extensive integration of Ucommerce with Sitefinity is” multi in every aspect” which offers multiple stores, currencies, languages, catalogs and price points and etc.  The unique content and commerce combinations offer power and muscles to Sitefinity and help to create personalized shopping experiences for your customers.

Some benefits of using Ucommerce with Sitefinity:

The success of your e-store always depends on how well your ecommerce store can convert or engage the customers. Without appropriate content and commerce platform, businesses will often risk working in siloed systems and delivering a generic experience to the customers.

Ucommerce for Sitefinity helps to:

Align your marketing and sales team:

Your teams often work in different systems, because of their varied tasks that come with their roles.  But using separate systems often lead to different data and processes, which require more time and effort to finish the projects. Ucommerce for Sitefinity development often enables the marketing and sales team to execute critical tasks in a single platform. This allows the teams to work as one and ensure that their priorities and tasks are properly aligned and also eliminates duplicate content and any other conflicting priorities.

Deliver personalized customer experience:

It is highly important for your business to elevate your digital customer experience. In fact, about 64% of the customers find it important than the price when they purchase anything.

But what can make a great customer experience?  It is personalized content or message for every shopper. It makes them feel that their buying habits are understood by the retailers and with Sitefinity’s personalized features, it is easy to deliver tailored content to the audience.

Optimize the buyer’s journey:

A lot of information on your ecommerce shop is related to the buyer’s journey.  The pages they visit, the time they stay on it and the actions that they take are all crucial to optimized the buyer’s journey. With Sitefinity’s analytical capabilities, businesses can now track various personal segments and also identify the pain points in the journey that prevent sales conversions. The data gathered from analytics help to improve the journey and offer a better digital experience.

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Manage SKUs efficiently:

Since all your products are unique in some way or the other, it needs a specific description, tags, images and set of reviews. Uploading and updating the product information manually becomes extremely burdensome when you have lots of SKUs. Ucommerce for Sitefinity enables the users to manage and update the product information in various channels, categories and stores that are updated automatically when a single one is updated.

Easily integrate with critical back office systems:

For better digital experience, you need to ensure that every interaction with the customer is consistent. If the customer journey is tracked in a different system, then it may cause differences in the experience across the journey.

Sitefinity integration with Ucommerce helps with inventory management, marketing automation platforms, customer relationship management and extensive APIs.  Sharing the data between multiple systems and using a single connected platform to offer the best experience is possible with Ucommerce.