Magento Website Audit and Speed Optimization Services

Magento Website Audit and Speed Optimization Services

Highly Evolved Magento Services to Bring Your Site Up to Speed

IDS Logic has evolved a detailed and thorough knowledge Magento through its many successful and ongoing Ecommerce clients who have chosen or migrated to this platform. Our experience has helped us to identify those technical and operational pain points that often accompany a sites organic growth and development as new services and features are demanded by business and customers.

Unplanned and unmanaged development can often lead to performance loss, slow site speed, broken features, security issues, loss of productivity or poor user experience. Typical issues may include, operating on an outdated version of Magento, old or lapsed extensions, incorrectly installed third party solutions generating conflicts and faults, bloated CSS and Java from coded modules all leave a mark on site performance and the user.

Magento Website Audit:

We follow a clear Magento audit map that ensures a thorough and deep site analysis ensuring all performance issues are identified and catalogued ready for our teams consideration and recommendations. Leading the path to improved site performance and user experience.

Discovery Stage:

This is where we define the audit scope to cover all the health aspects the ecommerce solution. Here we consider SEO, performance, custom code injections, UX, infrastructure and security. .

Investigating the Existing Solution:

Our Magento experts perform an initial examination of the target systems including software versions, the number of installed extensions, customisations, integrations and infrastructure architecture.

Audit Stage:

Our experts perform a detailed audit of your ecommerce site, which includes the following, SEO audit, performance audit, UX audit, code audit, security audit and infrastructure audit.

Reporting Stage:

Our Magento audit report reveals all issues detected, the severity of their impact on your business solution and performance and a suggested action plan to fix those issues.

Improved Performance with an IDS Logic Magento Audit and Speed Optimisation

These all impact on sales, customer perception and increased cost in maintenance. If you are experiencing this type of impact on your site and business then IDS Logic can help.

We can conduct a health and performance audit of your site and provide a simple clear assessment with recommendations with a clear path to improved site health, speed and performance.

Speed Up Your Stores with Our Magento Speed Optimization Services

Having a fast website can help set you apart from the competition, but knowing how to optimize your site is not always easy. This is where our team of technical experts comes in.

We specialize in optimizing Magento based websites for speed and know how to improve user engagement across multiple browsers, operating systems and devices. To improve the page speed and overall user experience. We offer Magento speed optimization services that include:

Web Server Optimisation:

Our team analyses and performs software upgrades and ensure that the software versions are updated correctly and ensure hardware configurations are appropriate.

MySQL Configuration Tuning:

We conduct a website audit and perform database configuration and optimization to ensure that they are in sync with your store and are clean and load balanced.

Installing Caching Engines:

It is appropriate to move sessions to a cache instead of maintaining a web database. We understand which cache backend system is best in single/ multi server environment and how to configure and optimise them.

Combining and Minifying CSS and JS: :

Our developers can accurately configure codes to deliver fast and efficient JavaScript and CSS developments, which includes file compression and combining ensuring site visitors receive only essential files.

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